Easy Weight Loss With Burn The Fat

Easy Weight Loss With Burn The Fat

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is an ebook written by bodybuilder, personal trainer, and nutritionist Tom Venuto. He claims that the proper way to lose weight is to burn the fat with exercise and feed the muscle with proper food choices.

Most other weight loss books consist of half scientific jargon and half recipes that are compliant with the particular diet. Most people find it a bit confusing to understand the science behind the diet they’re following. And if the recipes included in the book don’t suit your taste, half the book is useless.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is different. It has over 300 pages of useful, easy to understand information, in downloadable ebook format.

Throughout the book, Venuto explains:

  • The importance of setting goals.
  • Why other diets really fail.
  • How to determine how much you should be eating.
  • Why you should exercise.
  • What to do if your diet or exercise program is not working.
  • How to find what your goal weight should be.

All of this is written in simple, layman’s terms so that it is very easy to understand. There are a lot of great little gems in there that’ll have you thinking “That’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is the perfect book for those that want to follow a healthy eating plan and who really want to understand the science of weight loss and muscle building. It combines a specific exercise plan to compliment the healthy eating and to help you lose more weight.

Of course, everyone knows that you should eat healthy food, but this book makes you actually want to.

What’s most interesting about this book, I believe, is that it also offers suggestions of what you can do if the plan isn’t working for you. Other diets assume that if you are not losing weight on their plan, you are doing something wrong. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle actually helps you to figure out what needs to be better and how to tweak it.

The goal setting section of the book also makes it particularly motivating. Venuto offers specific suggestions as to how to incorporate goal planning into your life…and not just goal planning for weight loss.

While some people may be initially put off by the cost of the ebook, it’s important to point out that this book is much more comprehensive than most other diet books. And many other diet and fitness programs actually come with a higher price tag, though it’s split up into lower monthly payments.

If you’re serious about not just losing weight, but about eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle, then Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is the right plan for you.

The Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet

The Best Life Diet was created by Bob Green, who is Oprah’s personal trainer. Because Oprah herself endorses his plan (and who in America hasn’t seen Oprah’s weight fluctuations?), it is very popular indeed. In fact, you’ll even note that many foods in the grocery store bear the “Best Life Seal”, helping consumers to make good choices when they are shopping.

One of the biggest challenges for people trying to lose weight is to break bad eating habits. In fact, most people don’t eat because they’re hungry! They eat for a variety of other reasons…boredom, sadness, celebration. And it’s these times that we’re most tempted to turn to junk foods. Mindless eating of junk food, or other fast convenient foods is what causes many people to gain weight.

The Best Life Diet takes on this type of emotional eating. It helps you to retrain your body so that you eat only when you are hungry, and to make healthy food choices when you do eat. Couple this with an exercise program and you have a recipe for natural, healthy weight loss.

Besides addressing the important issue of emotional eating, the Best Life Diet doesn’t restrict any foods. This is where other diets tend to fail. Of course, everyone knows that ice cream isn’t a healthy food choice, but it tastes good and everybody wants some now and then. On other diets, ice cream is forbidden. Because it’s forbidden, you may have a tendency to overindulge, causing you to “fall off the wagon” and go back to your bad eating habits.

However, you can eat ice cream (or any other food you might like) on the Best Life Diet. The important thing is to not eat too much and not eat it all the time.

There’s a subtle difference between “eating healthy” and “going on a diet”. One will make you feel restricted, unhappy, and obsessive. For many people, this is a sure path to failure. The other will make you feel healthy, strong and proud. The subtle difference between words actually has a very big difference in meaning.

The Best Life Diet works because it helps you to create a healthy relationship with food. It changes your eating patterns and habits which makes it easy not just to lose weight, but to keep it off. Most people need a lifestyle change, not a diet, in order to achieve the type of body they really want. For more information visit Jayabet

Lose Weight Fast on the Blood Type Diet

Lose Weight Fast on the Blood Type Diet

Do you know your blood type? Well, according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo, creator of the blood type diet, each blood type has a specific type of eating style that is right for them.

Want to know what to eat?

Type A people should eat a diet free of red meat which emphasizes vegetables.

Type B people thrive on dairy products. Type AB people should eat a balanced diet.

Dr. D’Adamo and other followers of the Blood Type Diet believe that when you eat in a way that is conducive to your blood type, you will feel healthier and more alive.

Does following this type of diet mean that Type O people should only eat meat products while type B people drink glass after glass of milk? No, that would be unreasonable. Of course you can eat sensibly from all of the food groups, but you should base your meals on the foods that work best for you. A full reading of the book Eat Right for Your Type can help you to determine what foods are recommended or to be avoided.

While it may be true that this diet works from some people, it is widely discredited by much of the medical community. Many doctors say that Dr. D’Adamo’s theory is not based on any sound evidence and that the references that he provides do not really support what he says they support.

If someone following the diet achieves weight loss, it is more likely due to the fact that they’ve begun eating healthier foods or have reduced their overall caloric intake.

Additionally, this diet could be difficult to follow if you are unable to eat the foods recommended for your blood type–for example, a vegetarian who is Type O or someone who is Type B and lactose intolerant. Dr. D’Adamo has very little to say about this besides the fact that he presents one style of eating and if it doesn’t work for you, you can easily find another plan.

The 3 Day Diet Plan

The 3 Day Diet Plan

The 3 Day Diet is a low calorie crash diet that some people say is a “special combination of foods” that helps to create a weight loss effect in just three days. Some sites claim that you can lose up to 10lbs in just three days.

To do the 3 Day Diet, follow the instructions below:

Day One Breakfast: Black coffee, tea, or water; 1/2 grapefruit or juice; 1 slice toast with 1T of peanut butter Lunch: 1/2 cup tuna; 1 slice toast; black coffee, tea, or water Dinner: 3oz. any lean meat; 1 cup green beans; 1 cup carrots; 1 cup vanilla ice cream; black coffee, tea, or water

Day Two Breakfast: Black coffee, tea, or water; 1 egg (any style); 1 slice toast; 1 banana Lunch: 1 cup cottage cheese or tuna; 5 saltine crackers; black coffee, tea or water Dinner: 2 beef franks or hot dogs; 1/2 cup carrots; 1 banana; 1 cup broccoli or cabbage; 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream; black coffee, tea, or water

Day Three Breakfast: Black coffee, tea or water; 5 saltine crackers; 1 slice cheddar cheese; 1 apple Lunch: 1 hard boiled egg; 1 slice toast; black coffee, tea, or water Dinner: 1 cup tuna; 1 cup carrots; 1 cup cauliflower; 1 cup melon; 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream; black coffee, tea, or water.

Note: You are allowed to use fake sugar with your coffee. You are also allowed to use lemon, salt and pepper, mustard, and cooking spray in your food preparations.

There are a couple of reasons why this diet “works”. It’s very low calorie and you are required to drink a lot of coffee. The coffee acts as a diuretic, which helps you to lose water weight. Because the diet is only three days long, people are likely to stick with it.

The problem comes from what happens after those three days. While you may be initially elated at the weight you’ve lost in such a short time, the chance that the weight will soon come back on is very high. In most cases the weight you’ve lost is only water, not real fat loss. This means that when you return to your normal eating patterns, you will regain the weight.

Additionally, there could be a problem with the inclusion of ice cream in this diet. While there is certainly nothing wrong with ice cream in moderation (and you do eat it in moderation on the diet), this diet could have you subconsciously thinking about the ice cream as a reward for your good dieting behavior throughout the day. This is a very dangerous pattern to get into and you should try to reward your successes with things other than food.

While the diet may help some people jump start their way into a healthy eating lifestyle, most people will return to their normal eating patters after the three days (The patterns that got them fat in the first place.). This can lead to a yo-yo dieting effect which is known to adversely affect your metabolism.

There are other diets and eating plans that are much safer and more effective than this one and those who are serious about losing weight will do better by looking at the alternatives and making a commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle. Get more information on W88Cash

How to Choose a Fitness Center

How to Choose a Fitness Center

So you’ve decided to join a fitness center to get the exercise you need for your weight loss programs. There are basics every and any fitness center should have.

Safe equipment and safe instruction The equipment should be well maintained and stowed properly. Free weights, jump ropes, fitness balls and such, should all be secured and not just lying about. Instructors should be close at hand to demonstrate and monitor correct usage. First time users should be guided through the proper use of any equipment. If there are safety features, safety belts, or required harnesses to use certain equipment, they should work and their usage should be enforced by the staff. Sloppiness leads to an unsafe workout environment.

Cleanliness is a high priority Locker rooms shouldn’t smell like, well, locker rooms. The shower area should be disinfected regularly. Used towels should be in laundry containers or out of sight. Jacuzzis and swimming pools should be at the proper temperatures and tested on a regular basis. Equipment should be wiped down after usage. The staff should encourage clients to use sanitary towelettes to wipe hand rails, bars and seats on equipment after usage. All areas should be properly ventilated, heated and cooled. Neatness counts and shows a respect for the members.

Qualified staff Make sure the staff, trainers and instructors are qualified. Do they make the members feel comfortable during their work outs? Does the staff push members beyond their limits by encouraging them to do more sets, lift heavier weights, or go faster than is safe. Do they know the correct methods of using the equipment? Is the staff paying attention to the members using the equipment or just standing around? Is the ratio of staff to members appropriate? The lack of adequate staffing and a lax attitude can lead to accidents.

Crowd control There is nothing worse than getting psyched up for a workout and then having to wait for the crowds ahead to finish. It’s not good for the member’s outlook and it’s not good for a body to have to stop and start because equipment isn’t available. A member shouldn’t have to rush through a set of exercises because there’s a line forming behind them. If group classes are offered there should be room for each member of the class to move freely without worrying about being kicked in the head.

Child Care If the center offers child care services is it licensed by the state or city if required? Is the area monitored by adults? Does it maintain a satisfactory ratio of adults to children. Is the area clean? Is it well lighted and have appropriate toys?

Safety outside the building The exterior of the building should be well lighted and so should the parking lot. Many facilities get the most usage in the early morning, when it can be dark and after work when it’s dark. If possible the reception area should have clear visibility of the parking lot in case of problems. The staff should keep an eye on the exterior spaces for signs of loitering and unwelcome visitors.