Can Androfil Really Help With Bodybuilding?

Can Androfil Really Help With Bodybuilding?

Androfil is a medication, which is used for replacing or enhancing testosterone – the primary male sex hormone. Over the years, the bodybuilding community has tried all sorts of supplements, steroids, compounds, drugs, and boosters for varied fitness goals, and it’s not surprising to find Androfil on that list. In this post, we will talk about using Androfil for bodybuilding.

The basics

Androfil is a drug, and thereby, it is meant for medical treatments only. It is often used for patients who have issues with hormone secretion or production of testosterone. Bodybuilders often rely on this drug for boosting the production of testosterone in the body, which eventually helps with muscle growth and overall performance. Please note that Androfil is not a steroid, and therefore, it shouldn’t be used recklessly. Only if your natural testosterone levels are below normal, you should consider this drug. Also, it is always advisable to see a doctor to do the required tests. People know that this drug can be purchased online from Cipla, and thereby, they ignore these aspects.

Gel vs. Pills.

Androfil is available in gel form, as well. Topical Androgel works like a supplement, which is absorbed in the skin and helps in treating lower levels of testosterone. Androgel is only available on prescription and should be used with care. There are contradicting views on whether one should use the gel or capsules. Some believe that Androgel is not as effective as the Androfil capsules, which isn’t true. Depending on how the drug is used, both pills and gel can help in increasing muscle mass. Androfil is available in doses of 40 mg, which is mainly intended to increase the testosterone levels.

Things to note

No matter whether you are using Androfil in gel or capsule version, you have to focus on your exercise plan, especially is muscle gain is your main motive. The workout regimen should be intense and must involve the largest muscles of your body. Try to do more squats, leg presses and bench presses, while minimizing the intensity and extent of cardio exercise. Good diet is also important for getting results with Androfil. Your protein intake should be considerably higher than usual. Also, include more seafood in your diet, and it’s also wise to look for foods that can help in boosting testosterone production naturally.

At the end of the day, Androfil is a medicine, and it’s best to seek medical expertise for using it.