• Cellulite Treatment – Home Based Treatments
    Cellulite Treatment,  Skin Care

    Cellulite Treatment – Home Based Treatments

    Cellulite treatment in Spas and Salon is expensive and is not available for everyone. Therefore, it is better to discover a cellulite treatment on your own – all in the comfort of your own home. When the connective tissue holding fats cells in place beneath the skin becomes weakened, it leads to development of cellulite. The weakened connective tissue allows fat cells to protrude through into the basal layer of the skin and it is these projections that cause the bumps and dimples of cellulite. When the fat cells are not contained in the appropriate manner other problems can be caused such as fluid retention and varicose veins. For any…

  • Essential Oils for Cellulite Treatment
    Cellulite Treatment,  Skin Care

    Essential Oils for Cellulite Treatment

    There are no magic pills or potions that can provide permanent cellulite treatment. However, there are many cellulite treatment methods that can be used for reducing the appearance and effect of the cellulite. Most of these cellulite treatment methods can be made and tried at home. Cellulite develops when the connective tissue that holds fat cells becomes weak permitting those fat cells to enlarge and push up against the skin causing the characteristic bumps and lumps that we all associate with cellulite. One of the cellulite treatment options is to use essential oils combined with massage to treat areas worst affected by cellulite. Essential oils can be used in massage…