Men Fashion Tips: How To Create Your Own Style

Men Fashion Tips

Every men deserves to look good. BeingĀ  a stylish men with some small changes can bring a lot of change in your social life. By being stylish, you have the power to influence not only women but literally every person you come in contact with. This means better relationships and more life opportunities for you.

The way you look communicates information about yourself such as your social status, self-confidence and wealth. Thus better dressing will give you unfair advantages in the following areas: more social acceptance, attraction by women, better paying jobs long-last marriage, self satisfaction and confidence and more respect from others

If you want to create your own style, you can listen to experts, read the fashion tips in magazines and on the internet. Even looking around and to the fashion shop windows when walking in the streetĀ  can be useful for understanding the current style trends. But do not attempt to apply your observations directly upon yourself. These are just suggestions, what really matters is to blend all these trends with your own tastes. Otherwise they will stand over you just like something does not belong to you.

Appropriate Clothing Recommendations For Men Fashion that if you follow, you will have a great style and great look

Long and thin Men Fashion

  • Should not use vertical striped suits
  • Double breasted suits are ideal for long men
  • Jackets decorated with small checks can be used during the free clothing days.
  • Shirt collars should not be sharp and long

Short Men Fashion

  • Should use vertical striped suits and shirts
  • Prefers plain dark colors.
  • Jackets should fit the waist with 2 or 3 buttons.
  • Long jackets should not be worn.
  • The legs of the pants must narrrow down.

Well-Built Men Fashion

  • Should prefer dark suits with vertical stripes.
  • Avoid all kinds of clothes from thick fabrics

Petite Men/Fit Men Fashion

  • Jacket sleeves should not be long
  • Loose, flowing trousers and shirts should be avoided
  • The legs of the pants narrows down
  • Shirt collars and cuffs should not be large
  • Not to use very large pattern in ties.

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